Weekly Writer’s Round-Up: Week of January 8th, 2012

On Being a Writer/Craft

Author Billy Coffey

On agent Rachelle Gardner’s site, a wonderful post by writer Billy Coffey: Needs, Wants and Pretty Blue Pens.

Writer Aimee Salter on self-editing: Seek and Destroy Word List. (via twitter.)

Once again, writer Chuck Wendig tells it like it is: How To Self-Publish So It Benefits Readers.

Adam Penenberg writing about e-book plagiarism on Fast Company. (via @jldavid on twitter.)

Author Roni Loren

Querying and Marketing
Roni Loren on what will make an agent “gong” your query.

How To Make a Memorable Impression at a Writers’ Conference, by author Gordon Kirkland on The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing website. It’s funny cuz it’s true.

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